Transforming Your World with Cutting-Edge IoT Technology
Our IoT project is an intelligent solution that integrates technologies such as sensor technology, cloud computing, and big data analysis to provide customers with the highest quality IoT services. Our projects are committed to providing comprehensive intelligent solutions for household, commercial and industrial fields, including smart home, smart city, smart factory and other fields.
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Smart Metering for Facility Management
LHN Group Singapore
By implementing LoRaWAN smart metering technology, Sindcon helps Singapore-based company LHN Group to upgrade their existing manual reading metering system to smart metering system.  The automated billing process streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and reduces administrative overhead for LHN Group.
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Smart Gas Metering for Residential
Indonesia City Gas Project
Sindcon and IoT Kreasi have collaborated to introduce the first LoRaWAN Prepaid Gas Meters in Southeast Asia. The project aims to provide an innovative solution to PGN’s commercial customers. Around 2,000 Sindcon LoRaWAN prepaid gas meters was deployed in phase one of the project.
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Smart Metering for Apartment
Lloyd Alam Sutera Apartment
In 2021, Sindcon achieved a successful installation of 1,042 Smart Water Meters and Energy Meters in Llyod Alam Sutera Apartment. This initiative led to a remarkable improvement in tenant satisfaction, witnessing an increase of over 50%. In 2023, Semtech, a prominent provider of technology solutions, issued a press release highlighting the success and impact of this project. The press release shed light on the significant strides made in terms of promoting sustainability, enhancing tenant satisfaction, and leveraging smart metering technology for improved resource management.
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Smart Metering for Theme Park 
Singapore Zoo
Sindcon and Electrique Energie & Metering deployed around 2,000 smart energy and water meters at Singapore Zoo using LoRaWAN. The system monitors water and energy usage using solar power gateways,  overcoming forest canopy and off-grid challenges. The deployment was featured in Semtech Press Release citing it as the future of smart utility to come.

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Smart Water Metering for Leading Property Developer
Agung Sedayu Group
Our collaboration with IOT Kreasi Indonesia , a local IoT partner in Indonesia, has resulted in the adoption of their smart meter solution by Agung Sedayu Group. In this implementation, non-magnetic sensors provided by Sindcon are used as retrofit sensors for Itron water meters.
This solution enables the monitoring of residential water usage across approximately 30,000 water meters within Agung Sedayu Group's properties. By retrofitting the Itron water meters with Sindcon's non-magnetic sensors, the group can now effectively track and manage water consumption in real-time.

Smart Gas Metering for Commerical Customers
Shopping Malls in Jakarta
The successful commercial operation of the first LoRaWAN Smart Gas Meter in "Setia Budi One" shopping mall in Jakarta in 2018 marks a significant milestone in the adoption of smart gas metering technology in the commercial sector. By leveraging the power of LoRaWAN, this deployment demonstrates the potential for improved gas consumption monitoring and management in commercial environments. In the past 5 years, more than 1000 pcs of LoRaWAN smart gas meters have been deployed over more than 20 shopping malls in Indonesia which has showcased the successful application of LoRaWAN technology for smart gas metering in commercial sites. 
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Smart Sensors for BSD Smart City Project
Sindcon collaborated with Indonesia partner to implement the smart IoT sensor solution, which has played a significant role in Sinarmas Land's BSD smart city project.
This project serves as a remarkable example of how advanced technologies are integrated into urban development. Notably, the smart drainage system stands out as a crucial component of the BSD smart city project.
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Smart Streetlight for Industial Park
Sindcon collaborated with Indonesia IoT Kreasi to successfully implement Smart Street Lights in Jababeka Infrastrukur. Smart Street Lights are advanced lighting solutions that integrate intelligent technologies to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in urban environments. These lights are equipped with various features and capabilities that go beyond traditional street lighting systems.

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Smart Metering for Solar Plants
LHN Energy Resources
Beginning in 2018, LHN Energy Resources embarked on an expansion into the solar energy business. Sindcon successfully implemented LoRaWAN Smart Metering for Solar Plant for LHN Energy Resources, enabling the monitoring and management of energy production, consumption, and efficiency.