Smart Metering for Facility Management
About Client
LHN Group is a Singapore-based company that provides various services such as space optimization, facilities management, logistics, carpark management, and green energy. It operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. It has a portfolio of industrial, commercial, and residential properties, as well as co-living and serviced office spaces. It is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) under the stock code 41O.
Automatic Meter Reading Project
In 2022, Sindcon implemented digitalization program for LHN Group. This involves replacing traditional energy meters with LoRaWAN smart energy meters. As a result, automatic meter reading improves billing, monitoring, control, and alarm upload.

Today more than 11 industrial parks had been successfully implemented under the digitalization program.

The solutions implemented in those LHN Group Building:
  Save up to 80% manpower by automatic reading by LoRa smart meter.
  Eliminating the meter reading error created by human mistake.
  System detects tampering, uploads alarm, and cuts power if needed.
  Ensure accurate and transparent billing, customer satisfaction, and trust.
Why Sindcon
The digitalization program by Sindcon for the LHN Group showed the benefits of using LoRaWAN smart energy meters. Sindcon provides the end-to-end solution for customer and makes customization on the backend support.