Smart Metering for Theme Park
About Client
Singapore Zoo is a wildlife park that is located on the north-western side of Singapore. It is renowned for its ‘open concept’ that mimics a tropical rainforest habitat for more than 4,200 animals of over 300 species. It is part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which also includes Bird Paradise, Night Safari, and River Wonders. It offers various activities, presentations, and experiences for visitors to learn about and interact with the animals.

Smart Energy and Water Monitoring
The collaboration brings smart consumption monitoring of energy and water at the Singapore Zoo alongside Electrique Energie & Metering Pte. Ltd. A challenge for the project was overcoming the forested terrain of the Singapore Zoo. Through integrating Sindcon’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard into the Sindcon water and energy meters, Sindcon was able to deploy 1,000+ devices in strategic locations throughout the three parks within the Singapore Zoo using the robust and reliable connectivity of LoRaWAN to transmit real-time metering data every 15 minutes. Additionally, by leveraging the power efficiency of LoRa devices, Sindcon was able to reduce the cost of power cabling, further reducing the cost and complexity of deployment.
Smart Energy and Water Monitoring (cont)
“The immense scale of this project was a challenge for radio signal transmission due to the Singapore Zoo’s expansive area and heavily forested terrain. LoRaWAN and Sindcon’s LoRa devices were the ideal solution to this problem, supporting the need of the project for low power data communication that allows smart meters to function for up to three years on a single battery while sending data uplinks every 15 minutes, relaying critical water and energy usage data in real time for the Singapore Zoo to monitor and lower its overall usage,” said Deyu Chen, CEO and founder of Sindcon. “Sindcon and Semtech’s collaboration highlights how LPWAN technologies are moving toward the future of a more energy-efficient and smarter world.”

 Over the past three years, the 1000+ Sindcon water and energy meters with LoRaWAN connectivity have been successfully deployed throughout the Singapore Zoo with a data success rate of 97% according to Sindcon. The smart meters are located inside the switch rooms and are housed within electrical panels across the three parks within the Singapore Zoo. Each device monitors key consumption metrics like cubic meter (m3) throughput for water meters and kilowatt-hour (kWh), voltage, current and power consumption for electricity meters.
Why Sindcon
The collaboration between Sindcon, and the local partner underscores the importance of partnerships and industry collaboration in delivering innovative solutions for smart metering, a showcase how the Internet of Things is shaping the future of smart utilities.
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