Smart Metering for Apartment
About Client
The LLOYD Alam Sutera project is a collaboration between Sindcon (Singapore) IOT Technology Pte Ltd, a provider of low power wide area network (LPWAN) Internet of Things (IoT) metering solutions, and IOT Kreasi Indonesia, an end-to-end IoT solution provider based in Indonesia.

LLOYD Alam Sutera represents a typical dense urban environment with over 20,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. It offers an elevated living concept through 5-storey multi-residential buildings that combine the benefits of landed style living with the convenience of apartment facilities. The focus is on maintaining a strong connection to the ground while challenging the traditional high-rise approach.
About the Project
Sindcon has successfully installed 1,042 smart water meters and smart energy meters in the Lloyd Alam Sutera Apartment. The energy consumption of each unit is monitored online through a web-based monitoring system that integrates with "E-town" for billing purposes.

The installation of smart energy meters and water meters has significantly improved tenant satisfaction, exceeding a 50% increase. Tenants now have the power to monitor their utility usage on a daily basis, eliminating any surprises when it comes to their bills. The introduction of LoRaWAN smart energy meters has also reduced labour costs and human error associated with manual metering.
The solutions implemented in the Lloyd Alam Sutera Apartment:
   Installation of Prepaid Smart Meter: The project involved installing smart water meters 
      and smart energy meters in each unit of the apartment complex.

   Accurate and real-time energy consumption data: Smart meters provide accurate and real-time 
      data on energy usage, allowing consumers to monitor and understand their energy consumption 
      patterns. This information helps users identify areas of high energy usage, enabling them to make 
      more informed decisions about energy efficiency and conservation.

    Stability of devices: The implemented solutions prioritize the stability of the devices used, ensuring that 
      the smart meters and monitoring systems operate consistently and reliably.
     LoRaWAN server for database handling: A LoRaWAN server is utilized to handle the database, 
      ensuring secure storage and management of the collected data.

•   Remote control functionality: The system incorporates remote control functionality, which allows authorized
      personnel to remotely access and manage the IoT devices and systems. This feature is implemented 
      with appropriate security measures, such as secure authentication and encrypted communication 
      channels, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of remote-control operations.

•   Low power and low peak current requirements: The system is designed to operate with low power 
      consumption and low peak current requirements. This design approach not only ensures energy 
      efficiency but also minimizes the risk of power surges or overloads that could compromise the 
      system's stability and security.
LoRaWAN System
The LoRaWAN system provides support for high density environments, allowing for future expansion and addition of other applications. The robustness of LoRaWAN technology has resulted in over 90% data success rate, ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission.
Why Sindcon
We employed IoT technology to enhance the environmental sustainability of Llyod Alam Sutera Apartments. Our primary objective was to improve the overall environmental impact of the apartments, with a focus on promoting sustainability, resource efficiency, and providing a better living experience for all tenants.