Smart Water Metering for Leading Property Developer
About Client
Agung Sedayu Group is a renowned property development company based in Indonesia. Founded in 1971 by Sugianto Kusuma, the company has established itself as a key player in the Indonesian real estate industry, showcasing continuous growth and success over the years. ASG's developments in residential, industrial estates, apartments, malls, etc., have spread across several prestigious areas in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.
About Project
Sindcon collaborated with Indonesia partner, a local IoT solution in Indonesia, has resulted in the adoption of their smart meter solution by Agung Sedayu Group. In this implementation, nonmag sensor provided by Sindcon are used as retrofit sensors for Itron water meters.

This solution enables the monitoring of residential water usage across approximately 30,000 water meters within Agung Sedayu Group's properties. By retrofitting the Itron water meters with Sindcon's nonmag sensor, the group can now effectively track and manage water consumption in real-time.
Given the numerous residential projects owned by ASG, there is a pressing need to address the following challenges:

Water usage monitoring: It is essential to accurately check and record the water usage of each
      tenant in their respective housing units, considering the presence of individual water treatment plants (WTPs).

   Human Mistake: Manual recording for over 30,000 tenants would be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone
      to data inaccuracies and human errors. Accessing residential water meters would also require 
      a significant number of human resources.

Billing process: ASG faces the challenge of generating billing statements for over 30,000 tenants 
      and sending monthly invoices to everyone.
To overcome these challenges and mitigate the risk of fraud, nonmag sensor (Cyble) solution as below:

Automatic meter reading:The add-on sensor reads pulse-based data from the existing water
      meters and transmits it to a gateway connected to a server. This process eliminates the need 
      for manual reading and ensures accurate and real-time data collection.
  Online monitoring:The collected data can be conveniently monitored through an online website,
      providing easy access to water consumption information for each tenant.

Currently, ASG has successfully implemented IoT technology, covering approximately 10,000 sensors. This implementation enables the monitoring of various aspects such as water usage, leakage prevention, and detection of fraudulent activities.

ASG utilizes a web-based monitoring system to track and analyze the data collected through these IoT sensors. This system provides real-time insights and alerts, allowing ASG to proactively address issues and ensure efficient water management.

By implementing this solution, ASG can streamline water usage monitoring, improve billing accuracy, reduce manual labor, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
The following implementations are the nonmag sensor, water meter reader sensor: