LoRaWAN Prepaid Gas Meter
Sindcon Gas Meter is a high-quality and reliable product made with premium materials, tested components,
corrosion-resistant coatings, sealing technology, and intelligent modules. This ensures that the meter is strong, safe,
waterproof, and reduces the cost of manual meter reading. For example, the diaphragm gas meters are made of
high-quality aluminum and finished with powder-coated and galvanized steel for corrosion resistance, while stainless
steel sealing plates ensure long-term durability.
The intelligent module is molded with epoxy resin in one go, and the transparent window is made of acrylic material that
is both transparent and sturdy. In addition, the intelligent module has an anti-theft function and adopts a communication
design that conforms to the LoRaWAN standard. It also has advantages such as low power consumption and long
communication distance. The user-friendly liquid crystal display quickly shows information such as degree and
remaining gas fee, making it very convenient for users to operate.
Our products range also include the rotary gas meters (often named roots gas meters) for higher flow rates. These
meters are mainly used in commercial and industrial settings.

Product Features

Product Parameters

* Considering the battery life, the TX power default is 16dBm. Higher TX power requirement need to contact with Sindcon
* Can be configured and need to consult Sindcon for details