LoRaWAN Liquid Level Sensor
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The JUP-LLS series general purpose submersible liquid leveltransmitter utilizes a high performance diffused silicon
pressure sensor as the measuring element to measure thehydrostatic pressure proportional to the liquid depth and
convert it into a standard current or voltage signal output.Through the signal conditioning circuit, allowing for accurate
measurement of liquid depth. With built-in LoRacommunication technology, the liquid level data acquired can
be wirelessly transmitted. Sindcon's excellent design in lowpower technology enables the JUP-LLS to achieve a long
battery life of up to 5 years. This product is suitable for liquidlevel measurement of various media in petrochemical,
metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical, water supply anddrainage systems, and other industries.

Product Features

Product Parameters

LoRaWAN Parameters
* Considering the battery life, the TX power default is 16dBm.                                                      Higher TX power requirement need to contact with Sindcon                                                               * Can be configured and need to consult Sindcon for details 
Technical specification of Sensor Probe
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Performance Parameters