Modbus-LoRaWAN Bridge NPL485-IN
分组 38
Powered by ARM Cortex-M4 Core integrated in LoRa SoC, Sindcon's Neptune series Modbus-LoRaWAN bridge is an
affordable solution for converting traditional wired Modbus devices into LoRaWAN wireless nodes. It enables reading and
writing of any register of the connected Modbus device through the LoRaWAN. The configuration of Modbus register
mapping of the Modbus-LoRaWAN bridge device can be easily done remotely from the Sindcon LoRaWAN server by downlink
commands. Moreover, users can use the Mobile App (BusyBox) which are available from Apple Store and Google Store, to
configure the device to different Modbus devices on field. Additionally, the Sindcon Modbus-LoRaWAN bridge device comes
with a built-in Bluetooth as optional for configuration on field.

Product Features

Product Parameters

Electrical Parameters
LoRaWAN Parameters
Bluetooth Parameters
  *Can be configured and need to consult Sindcon for details