Smart Sensors for BSD Smart City Project
About Client
Sinarmas Land, known as PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk, is a renowned property development company based in Indonesia. As a subsidiary of Sinarmas Group, a diversified conglomerate with interests spanning multiple sectors, Sinarmas Land holds a prominent position in the industry.
About Project
Sindcon collaborated with Indonesia partner to implement the smart IoT sensor solution, which has played a significant role in Sinarmas Land's BSD smart city project.

This project serves as a remarkable example of how advanced technologies are integrated into urban development. Notably, the smart drainage system stands out as a crucial component of the BSD smart city project.

The Smart Drainage System, equipped with IoT sensors, offers users a valuable tool for efficiently monitoring and managing their drainage systems. By leveraging IoT technology, this system enables real-time monitoring of vital parameters such as water level, water flow, and sedimentation conditions. This real-time information empowers users to proactively address issues, conducts preventive maintenance, and optimizes the overall efficiency of their drainage infrastructure.

The Smart Drainage System incorporates IoT sensors that continuously collect data on water level, flow rates, and sedimentation.

This data is wirelessly transmitted to a centralized platform where it can be analyzed and visualized in real-time. Users can conveniently access this platform from various devices and locations, providing them with timely information regarding the status of their drainage system.

The ability to monitor water levels and flow rates aids users in detecting anomalies or potential blockages within the drainage system. Early detection allows for prompt action, preventing flooding and other drainage-related issues.

By conducting preventive maintenance based on the collected data, users can proactively address potential problems, thereby avoiding costly repairs and mitigating infrastructure damage.

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