Smart Gas Metering for Commerical Customers
About Client
WIRA ENERGI (WE) was established in 2013 as a private utility corporation whose primary mission is to support Local Developer Corporation’s efforts to stimulate economic growth at Industrial Park, Commercial and Residential ith commitment to safety, reliability and system efficiency. WE is the utility that sells electricity, steam energy, natural gas and clean water to the industries and commercial.
About Project
The Southeast Asia first LoRaWAN Smart Gas Meter started operation in "Setia Budi One" shopping mall in Jakarta in 2018, which marked a significant milestone in the adoption of smart gas metering technology in the commercial sector. From 2018 to 2023, Sindcon has successfully installed more than 1,000 pcs of LoRaWAN smart gas meters for these commercial customers in Indonesian malls. Sindcon has implemented the LoRaWAN smart meter technology to meet the needs of its customers.

In the past 5 years, the deployment of Sindcon's LoRaWAN gas meters in over 20+ shopping malls in Indonesia showcases the successful application of LoRaWAN technology for smart gas metering in commercial sites.

In 2023, Sindcon't LoRaWAN gas metering solution is adopted by Indoneisa KFC, which demonstrates the practicality and value of LoRaWAN technology in the fast-food industry.
By leveraging the capabilities of LoRaWAN technology, these gas meters provided efficient and reliable monitoring of gas consumption for commercial establishments. The meters were specifically designed to meet the requirements of different gas flow rates, with models ranging from G4 to G16.

The deployment of LoRaWAN gas meters allowed for accurate and real-time monitoring of gas usage, enabling commercial customers to closely manage their consumption and identify any inefficiencies. This data-driven approach facilitated more precise billing and promoted effective resource management.

The successful implementation of LoRaWAN gas meters in Indonesia Shopping Mall restaurants demonstrated the practical benefits of these devices in enhancing gas consumption monitoring and promoting energy efficiency.

Why Sindcon
Sindcon has indeed been a pioneer in implementing LoRaWAN Smart Gas Meter technology in Southeast Asia. Their dedication to meeting the needs of their customers has been a key driving force behind the successful implementation of LoRaWAN smart meter technology. Sindcon's ability to adapt their solutions to cater to diverse industries.