Smart Metering for Solar Plants
About Client
Beginning in 2018, LHN Energy Resources embarked on an expansion into the energy business, which was a logical step for the company as a landlord with multiple properties.
Initially, LHN Energy Resources focused on the installation of 3 solar assets in 2019 to meet the electricity requirements of our buildings. Since then, LHN Energy Resources has made significant progress by developing its own photovoltaic (PV) systems.
About Project
Sindcon's successful implementation of the LoRaWAN smart metering solution at LHN Energy Resources has revolutionized the monitoring and management of energy production in their solar plant. The utilization of this advanced technology has brought significant benefits and improvements to the energy management process.
Key benefits of implementing LoRaWAN smart metering in a solar plant:

    Real-time Energy Monitoring: LoRaWAN smart meters can measure and transmit real-time data on solar energy       production, including metrics such as power output, voltage, and current. This data allows plant operators to monitor the       performance of individual panels, identify any issues or malfunctions, and optimize energy generation.

Energy Consumption Tracking: Smart meters can measure the energy consumption within the solar plant, including       auxiliary equipment, monitoring devices, and other electrical loads. By tracking energy consumption, operators can identify       energy usage patterns, optimize energy efficiency, and implement strategies for reducing energy waste and costs.

Fault Detection and Maintenance: LoRaWAN smart meters can detect abnormal patterns or deviations in energy       production, allowing for early detection of faults or performance issues in the solar plant. Operators can receive real-time       alerts and take proactive measures to address the problems promptly, minimizing downtime and optimizing energy       generation.

Data Analytics and Reporting: The data collected by smart meters can be used for advanced analytics and reporting       purposes. Operators can analyze historical data, identify performance trends, and generate reports on energy production,       consumption, and efficiency. These insights can help in optimizing the plant's performance, identifying areas for       improvement, and making informed decisions for future planning.
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Why Sindcon
Choosing Sindcon for LoRaWAN smart metering solutions in solar plants means gaining access to comprehensive monitoring, enhanced energy generation, energy efficiency, proactive fault detection, actionable insights, and efficient resource utilization.

Sindcon committed to helping our customers optimize their solar plant operations, reduce costs, and achieve long-term success in the renewable energy sector.