SoC-Based LoRa Module

Sindcon's SoC-based LoRa Module, powered by STMicroelectronics' cutting-edge technology, delivers a potent 22dBm transmit power and an impressive -134dBm receive sensitivity for robust communication in challenging conditions. With a compact design and ultra-low power consumption, it's perfect for IoT applications, enhancing device longevity and versatility in industries. This module easily integrates with industrial interfaces, simplifying incorporation into various smart devices. Its profound impact is seen in utilities, transforming the efficiency of water, gas, and electricity meters, ushering us toward a smarter, interconnected future.

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LoRaWAN NonMag Sensor (Pair with Itron Meter)

Our design combines Sindcon's expertise in single-chip solutions with LC sensor interface and LoRa communication technology, powered by STMicroelectronics' advanced LoRa SoC. This design is highly compatible with Itron water meters and gas meters that is equipped with Cyble target. It delivers an incredibly long battery life with up to10 years, as precisely calculated by our battery management system, making it the ideal choice for users who value high-quality and long lasting performance.

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LoRa Radio Parameters


Product Parameters

LoRaWAN Parameters